White Poly Strapback


The White Poly Strapback is a lightweight, flat-brim strapback made by Mitchell & Ness. Featuring breathable, easy-to-clean polyester. Matching strap and pewter buckle. Low-profile crown. One size fits most.

CLEANING INSTRUCTIONS: Because of the stain-resistant polyester, this hat is really easy to spot-clean with a toothbrush, cold water, and a little detergent.

1. Apply soap to area, rub it in, and then brush with a wet toothbrush.
2. To remove tougher sweat stains or dirt, apply detergent to area and let sit for 15-30 minutes, then brush area using a little additional detergent and cold water.
3. Thoroughly rinse area to remove all dirt and soap.
4. Lint roll once dry.

Back to a crispy-clean white hat! Enjoy!

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