$450 for Australian Wildfire Relief

$450 for Australian Wildfire Relief
UPDATE: January 22, 2020

What up guys,

Thanks entirely up to you, over a couple of days Westside Love was able to raise $300 by pledging 25% of total sales to Australian wildfire relief! We're also adding in $150 more to make that a total $450 (see charities below). You guys rallied, and that is uplifting and badass. We're a small company, and this was a quick idea that sprouted up last week, so this is major for us!

Most exciting of all, this marks a successful first effort of people powered Westside Love philanthropy. No doubt it will be the first of many. Thanks so much for the support and for pointing our ideas, and products, in the right direction.

If you ever have any feedback, good or bad, don't hesitate to give us a holler!

Jordan & Tori
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Koala throws a dub - January 17th, 2020 


What up Tribe, we need your help with some heavy lifting.

This week, we decided we wanted to do something for the people, and wildlife, that have been devastated by fires in Australia. Being a Californian, we know too well how tragic and increasingly scary wildfires are, but what’s been happening in Australia is just unreal. Hearing reports of over 500 million animals being affected has been gut wrenching.

Instead of being just sad and mad, we’re going to do something to help. Today thru Sunday, we’re going to donate 25% of total sales split between the American Red Cross who is working directly with the Australia Red Cross, and the San Diego Zoo Global Wildlife Conservancy who is helping to rescue and rehabilitate Australian animals affected by the bushfires. These funds will be deposited next week and will immediately go to help people and animals recover.

So if you grab a pin, a crewneck, hats, or a couple tees today for you or as a gift for someone else, and you’ll be supporting both the land Down Under, and us over here at Westside Love. If you would rather donate direct, please do!



Together we’re going to tackle big things! Thanks so much guys, we supremely appreciate you!

One love ~

Jordan & Tori at Westside Love

P.S. Since November we’ve also been donating one dollar from every order to support youth arts here in San Diego, that will also still apply if you order this weekend!


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