Welcome to the new Westside Love website!

Welcome to the new Westside Love website!

Welcome to the new Westside Love website! We’ve been working HARD on this new site while also gearing up for the Fall / Holiday / Black Friday 2019 release! Here are some of the new features:

  1. A blog! When we rebooted Westside Love in 2017, we opted to keep it simple and skip a blog. 2 years later, we’ve been dabbling with YouTube videos on and off, and we plan on doing a lot more content creation. This new blog will house all our content moving forward.
  2. Ability to leave reviews! We want to provide the best products possible, with the best experience possible, and for that growth we need your feedback. Not only that, it builds trust and we’re about that life. Reviews will be a major step forward.
  3. Origins of Westside Love! New to the “About Us” section, we dug deep in the archives and provided some much needed background to what Westside Love means, and the history behind the mark.
  4. Express pay! We now support G-Pay, Apple Pay, and Shopify Pay! Overall, the whole checkout, and tracking process should be even more buttery than before.

There’s a lot more features and dynamic details you’ll find while exploring the site, but I think that captures the main upgrades to-date. We hope you dig the new product and shopping experience, but if you have any questions or feedback don’t hesitate to give us a holler!

P.S. The photo above is my wife and I when we first met traveling Europe, waaay back in 2000. Below is us on our Honeymoon in 2019... It's a good story, maybe I'll tell y'all later.

One love ✌️ — Jordan & Tori


  • Yaz

    Such an amazing life journey Jordan. Congratulations to you and Tori. Love the new website it’s super fluid to browse and immersing myself with all the beautiful artwork+products on display. Need it all 😍

  • Rob

    Love the brand ….dope 🙌🏽 keep it up ya !!

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