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Westside Love is an independent brand committed to designing and producing high-quality, thoughtfully considered products, often in small-batch runs. Our approach is firmly rooted by an eclectic mix of art, music, design, fashion, outdoor and street cultures. While homebase for the brand remains in San Diego, Westside Love posters, stickers, and products humbly grace not only the West Coast, but all corners of the globe.

Leftside Vibe

The first incarnation of Westside Love was published in 2005 in the form of 50 pink on pink screen printed posters. Immediately, the artwork was having conversation with its roots in art, design, street, and American culture. Since then, it has evolved. The medium, look, and conversation has changed. For us, it’s not just a symbol, a cool hat, an ode to 90’s hip-hop, or even a flag for the west coast. It’s a reminder to love more, more often. To embrace the best of our common beliefs. To resist cynicism, and embrace the struggle of peace, and optimism. To be our best self as much as possible. Not just in our home and to those in it, but the lives and lands beyond it.

— Jordan Stark, Founder and Artist

Westside Love Origins

The Drawing ’04

Westside Love was based on a sketch made in 2004 to symbolize "west, east, and music" for an exercise in art school.

The Poster ’05

While refining the original "westside" drawing, a heart was discovered where the fingers crossed.

"The second I saw the heart, I knew I'd be looking at this symbol for many years to come. Shortly after, I made 50 pink on pink prints and sold them at a group art show titled, 'LA Still Loves You.'" — Jordan

The Shirt ’08

The first shirt was made in 2008 by crowd sourcing money among a group of best friends. The batch of shirts was then split up to sell from the trunks of their cars. The first sticker quickly followed. At this point the motivation was simply to make a Westside Love shirt, not start a whole brand.

First Orders

In 2009, Jordan Stark teamed up with Tony Martinez to form the graphic design studio, Product Etc LLC. They started the business out of Tony's garage in Chula Vista, California. The big idea would be to function primarily as a design studio, but also experiment and sell their own products. The first online orders shipped from Tony's garage in 2010.

Wheat Paste - ’10

Combined with an effort to open retail accounts and pop-up shops in select boutiques, a Westside Love postering campaign was started that would literally take Tony and Jordan from "Diego to the Bay," wheat-pasting posters, carry products from boutique to boutique, and meeting new friends across California.

First Pop-up - ’10

Quickly becoming good friends with San Diego's premiere streetwear boutique, 5&A Dime, they hosted their first event in San Diego on the corner of 8th & G St. It was the first of many shows here, and they would later move directly upstairs.

BBTB - ’11

This hat was the spark of inspiration that led Tony and Jordan to found the campaign, "Bring Back the Brown." The campaign eventually convinced (and pressured) the San Diego Padres to reintroduce brown as the primary color of the team and MLB franchise. BBTB officially kicked-off with monthly events during the 2011 season, peaked with an interview for Sports Illustrated, and formally ended with the Padres changing their uniforms on November 9th, 2019! For more info, visit

8th & G - ’13

By 2013 we were regularly throwing events with our block of misfits on 8th & G St in downtown San Diego, and helping to create a greater sense of community in the San Diego art and streetwear scene. Also by 2013, Westside Love and TwentyFour / Seven had solidified themselves as our most sought after, flagship "mini-brands."

Glyph - ’14

When collaborating with artist and friend, Brendan Monroe, on a series of products for POW! WOW! Hawaii, Jordan came up with a single-stroke "handstyle" of Westside Love that would later be known as the "Glyph."

Reboot - ’17

By 2014 Product Etc would go through a series of changes, starting with Tony's departure from the business, moving the studio off of 8th & G, and eventually leading to a 3 year hiatus of Westside Love and selling products. Jordan continued Product Etc as a graphic and brand design studio, and in 2017 rebooted Westside Love focusing on simple, refined basics for men.

Activewear - ’19

Driven to create for active and outdoor lifestyles, Westside Love released their first technical hoodie that featured water-resistant fleece and reflective prints.

Pop-Up v2 - ’19

Itching to get back out in the community, we designed and launched a new pop-up shop. This was first launched at a charity event called, "The Great Cut," thrown by our great friends, The Longhairs.

Family & designer owned & operated

Behind the Brand

Tori and Jordan Stark have collaborated and worked with global brands such as New Era, Mitchell & Ness, The North Face, Osprey, Puma, and many more! They are based in San Diego, California.

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